Site Safety Inspections

We conduct customized safety surveys that give you a comprehensive picture of the risks your jobsite presents. We highlight the safety measures that are being completed well and help you fix areas that need improvement.

Safety Training

We have a deep base of knowledge for training clients in just about every aspect of safety. We will build a safety training tailored to the specific needs of your company and can deliver monthly trainings in an hour or less.

Safety Wave

Safety Wave is a tracking service that makes all your employees’ training and certification records available through any mobile device. Safety Wave’s customizable badges contain all the identification information you need for site security, including unique QR codes for each employee.

Scan the QR code with a mobile device and instantly access records, dates, and even digital copies of certifications or other crucial documents.


We’ve got more than 45 years working parallel to OSHA, so you can be confident our training keeps your employees and business up to date and in compliance.

We offer comprehensive OSHA assistance including walking with you through the OSHA process, reviewing citations, and developing strategies to implement improvements.

We can help you meet OSHA standards by organizing and coordinating a safety and health training schedule; conducting safety and health training on a regular basis; organizing a safety committee and assisting in making it effective; conducting workplace inspections complete with photo reports; conducting a safety audit to identify positive items and areas where improvement is needed; developing a plan to implement processes to improve safety and health in the workplace.

dot compliance

We work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that ensures complete regulatory compliance. But proper safety is also about prevention, preparation, and accountability. Especially on the road. We provide a number of thorough DOT regulatory audits. We can help you monitor your CSA scores and provide guidance for lowering them. We’re eager to ensure management and drivers remain accountable for their role in safety.

Safety Manager

We are available to fill the role of safety manager on your team. You’ll get an expert-level manager already familiar with your industry. If you’re a smaller sized company, this may be a very cost effective way to meet safety management responsibilities at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Industrial Hygiene

We have the ability to test silica levels in the field, send off the samples to the lab and get the results in a timely manner. We are also able to run other specific testing based on your needs. We conduct sound level surveys and dosimeter testing. Additionally we offer completed Opacity testing which is required in quarry operations.

ISNetworld, PICS, Browz

We will evaluate the current status of your audit score and help you improve within as little as two weeks. We also offer monthly ongoing audit maintenance services to help you remain highly rated.

Risk Management

We help your company become a better risk. If your business needs to save on insurance premiums by proving or improving regulatory compliance and safety protocols, we’ve got you covered.

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