Compliance Audits:

  • Mock audit available upon request that encompasses all facets of State/Federal compliance

Driver Qualification Files:

  • In-depth complete review of all requirements of your driver qualification files

  • Training available for your company’s representatives on driver hiring procedures

Vehicle Maintenance Files:

  • Provide tracking measures for inspections dates for all CMV’s and Trailers

  • Review files for accuracy according to regulations

  • Provide appropriate training for personnel upon company request

  • Ensure all record keeping requirements are met

  • Review company CMV’s for items required by regulation and correct markings audit

Drug and Alcohol:

  • Assist in providing appropriate consortiums

  • Review all required record keeping per regulations and assist in getting required documents

  • Reasonable Suspicion training available for company officials

Log and DVIR Auditing:

  • Log auditing available with recommendations and examples

  • DVIR auditing with recommendations provided

  • Assurance record keeping requirements are met


  • Assistance for getting appropriate authority with business changes


  • Recommend changes to your profile that can impact your scores immediately

  • Complete in-depth understanding of CSA and provide assistance with your management team to drive

  • Review all roadside inspections for potential errors

  • Provide DataQ ability to request changes to be made to roadside inspection data to appropriate states


  • Review policies and recommend changes to meet changing regulations

  • Ensure policy requirements are met for audit purposes

  • Create appropriate policies from beginning to end with company input and changes


  • Ensure your training requirements are met and tracked

  • Provide appropriate training for drivers and management

Training – not a complete list, please ask if you do not see it listed:

Complete training available to management and drivers,

1.   CSA

2.   Hazmat

3.   OSHA – many topics

4.   DVIR’s

5.   HOS

6.   Logging

7.   Drug and Alcohol awareness

8.   New Entrant Driver Training – 49 CFR 380.509

9.   Preventative Maintenance

10. Accident procedures and how to document the scene

11. Required Reasonable Suspicion Training for Managers

12. Driver disqualification

13. Cargo securement

14. Short haul exemption and how if effects your company

15. Supporting documents